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A bit about the bands I LOVE.......


Although the band is no longer together, Cold Water Flat was lead by Paul Janovitz. 3 albums were put out (2 which are shown above) within a span of about 4 years. Paul, who's older brother is Bill from Buffalo Tom, drives the band into a nice rocking sound. They add interesting guitar chords and an eerie sound is a trademark of first album LISTEN. The second album titled COLD WATER FLAT, once again has a very melotic sound present and this in my opinion is the best album to purchase. If you like Buffalo Tom then i suggest you buy any Cold Water Flat album. Its worth the investment.


For over 10 years since their first release HATE YOUR FRIENDS, the Lemonheads defined rock music in the Boston area. The only member to be in the band throught its long history was Evan Dando. Juliana Hattfield also joined the band for a few albums and then left to become a solo artist. Through ups and downs and a span of over 10 years, the band has changed with the times. As a punkish type band in the middle 1980's to a mellower rock band in the mid 1990's, they have gone through good and bad and there music expresses there career. Pick an album and you will find a place in your heart for Evan Dando and the Lemonheads.